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Live Audition Recording Locations

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Been missing the stage?... We have too!

While the Karaoke World Championships USA 2021 season will still be held virtually, with video rounds running up until July, we are also excited to be able to add back in a bit of a live twist as we move more into the full season this year.

We have been closely following the newest updates on the current and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic around the nation, we have been asked by many in the karaoke community if we will be allowing full physical trials this year.  While we will not be holding any official live physical trials in local team  venues this year, we will be lifting the rule that you cannot use staged live performances for your submissions for the remainder of the 2021 season. 

These performances can be in any sort of live setting however there are a few criteria that must be met.  In order to be able to use a recorded live performance from a live audition location the video must be shot in one take and the audio must come from the venue/host/or studio soundboard master mix and not the ambient room sound from a phone or webcam microphone source. The singers face must be visible to the camera at all times, and no other persons should be on stage or in the videos that will be submitted. Please see the official KWCUSA Rules & Regulations on the Forms and Documents page for any other entry requirements.  

*Singers will be responsible for getting and reviewing their videos directly from the participating Live Audition Location to submit for any open audition round.  


If you are singer looking to audition at an official KWCUSA Live Audition Location check the map for your closest options:

Are you a venue, host, or studio location that is fully set up to capture live performances and would like to become an official KWCUSA Live Audition Location? the click here:


Don't yet have the capability to record live performances in your space but are interested in finding out more about how you might be able to add this option to your line up?

This may be a solution for you! 

Click here to find out more about our sponsor Elephant Ears!: 

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