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Karaoke World Championships USA

The Karaoke World Championships (KWC) is an international brand which originated in Finland and has become the biggest and longest-running international amateur singing competition. KWC USA is the only organization in the United States affiliated with the Karaoke World Championships World organization. Since joining the World organization in 2004, KWC USA has brought home 5 gold medals and 15 Top-three placements.


KWC USA is dedicated to scouring the nation for the best amateur singers, in the quest to find the next champion(s) to represent the USA at the World Finals in November, facing off against champions from over 30 countries. Unlike most karaoke competitions, KWC USA strives to build “vocal athletes”, by implementing mentorship and training programs, as well as providing resources to build a singer’s brand.


“Life should not get in the way of our dreams,” says Joshua Baron, National Director at KWCUSA. “The next champion is sitting out there somewhere. It could be a single mother, a veteran, a farmer, people who may have given up on a music career due to life. With the pandemic, people have started to work on their music again, and we want to give these people a platform to share their talents. Our next World champion is out there somewhere, and it could be you!”


KWC USA National Producer, Catie Baron, adds, “The competition and talent were off the charts last year, and we look forward to another amazing season promoting amateur singers from all corners of the country, sharing their voices with a larger audience around the world.”

Some exciting updates for this season include:

  • Enhanced Membership Benefits

  • Tiered Divisionals

  • Nationals Training Program

Qualifying events will start on March 1st, 2021, so make sure to sign up early to lock in your spot. With the ongoing limitations due to the global pandemic, all entries will be received via video submissions. Follow KWC USA on all social media platforms to keep up with the latest news.

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Welcome to the beginning of your Journey to Stardom with the Karaoke World Championships USA!  Audition Entry is a quick and easy process, simply record 2 videos of you performing your songs, enter the applicable information 


Are you ready to begin your Journey to Stardom with the Karaoke World Championships USA?  


The KWCUSA judges are ready to hear you! 

Submit your audition now to be considered for one of the open round auditions being held throughout the 2021 season.  All rounds close at 11:59 pm PST and any submissions received past that time will automatically move into the next open audition round for review. 

There are a few technical and performance rules that do apply this season so please make sure all video submissions follow the designated requirements listed below.


-Only 1 camera is allowed
-There can be no cuts or edits, just one live performance shot in one take
-The camera may move but the singer’s face must be visible at all times
-Audio can be recorded on a separate device, but at the same time. 

-Lip syncing is not allowed and is grounds for disqualification.
-The video has to start from where the song starts and end where the song ends. Only trimming of starting and ending points is allowed.

-No editing of any kind: no graphics, no logos, no texts of any kind or country flags added in the picture. We will add a uniform graphics layer to all the videos.

-fade-ins or fade-out edits will only be allowed through the initial audition and divisional rounds, they should not be used during the finals training program. 

-Singing apps will be allowed with minimal effects used. (ie: Smule, SingSnap, StarMaker, Yokee, ect.)


-Please record only the songs. No introductions, explanations, thank you or other spoken messages.

-If you use background pictures, you must have the rights to use them. 
-If you sing with a close range microphone, it must be visible. If the audio is captured with a recording device, or a microphone that captures from further away, do not use “prop" mics.

-The videos should not be posted publicly for review prior to completion of the official KWCUSA broadcast for any audition round in which they have been submitted. 

-Videos must be recent and recorded after January 1 2021

I'm Ready to Enter!


Entry Fee for each audition is $30.

You may audition only once per round.     

Members may use their free audition in any audition round using a private member registration page under found under the membership tab on this site.

Thank you for your submission and taking the first step toward your Journey to Stardom with the KWCUSA!

(*includes 2 Free Auditions)


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Karaoke World Championships USA- 2021 Board of Directors

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