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Become an Official KWCUSA 
2022 Competitor

Do you have what it takes to become the next Karaoke World Champion?...

Find out by competing in the KWCUSA 2022 Season as a vocal athlete either locally in your Local Talent Trials for a spot on your state team, or by open video trials for singers with no local access for talent trial locations.  Singers from all over the country will be brought together in a LIVE National Finals event in Las Vegas to find the top singer in the nation to become the next Karaoke World Championships USA Gold Medal Champion.  Why not see if you have what it takes to join the ranks of some of the most talented singers from around the nation and find out if 2022 is your Time to Shine! 

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Entry Fee to compete in your local KWCUSA Talent Trial is $20

Each audition attempt requires a separate entry registration.  Singers may try out at more than one venue in their area throughout the season, you may only place on to one venue team for the state finals tournament.   

Thank you for your entry in the KWCUSA 2022 Competition Season taking the first step in making 2022 your Time to SHINE!

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You can still audition for the KWCUSA competition season in one of the 3 separate video talent trial rounds. 

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