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KWCUSA 2018 National Judges

Duets Division

Perry Meyer

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 In his time as an interpreter in the United States Air Force and an Interrogator in the United States Army for Military Intelligence for 20 years; Perry was blessed to perform in Military Entertainment for 6 out of his 20 years.

     While in the United States Air Force, he was a member of Tops in Blue.  Tops in Blue is the United States Air Force's elite performers' group.  To become a member, Air Force Performers must compete and win several talent competitions all the way through the World Wide Talent Contest in categories of Drama, Dance, Vocalist, Vocal Group, Instrumental Solo, Instrumental Group, and Band.  Then they would tour for nine months both stateside and overseas with 2 Entertainment Teams.

     In 1985, Tops in Blue performed at the Half-Time Show for the Superbowl, and since the late '60s has been supported by cherished celebrities such as Jimmy Stewart (US Air Force Reservist), Bob Hope (US Navy), Flip Wilson (US Air Force), Phyllis Diller (Comedienne), Dawn Wells (Actress/Gilligan's Island), Sinbad (Actor/Comedian/US Air Force Military Police), Michael Dudikoff (Actor/American Ninja), Herb Fame (Singer/Peaches and Herb), Dick Van Dyke (Actor/Army Air Corps), and Carl Anderson(US Air Force/Actor/Jesus Christ Super Star) to name a few.

     In addition to performing throughout Europe with Tops in Blue, Perry has also performed all over the world with The United States Army Soldier Show.  It is very similar to Tops in Blue, except without live musicians on the Entertainment Team, with only 1 Team being selected.  Competition is fierce in Army Entertainment because we have more of a pool of performers to select from.  On my Performer's Outline, in addition to working with some outstanding celebrities, I received a Performer's Award from HBO for Music and Dramaturgy work on their mini-series "Band of Brothers."  I have also performed for 3 U.S. Presidents in my military career.


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