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Pre-Season KWCUSA 2024 
Video Trial Rounds
The Festive Follies Edition 

While the 2024 Karaoke World Championships USA (KWCUSA) Season officially kicks off in January 2024, we are inviting vocal athletes around the nation to get a jump on the game in the U.S. and enter by video submission before the live audition rounds begin!

Every Year we kick off the KWCUSA competition season with our open Video Trial Rounds,

This year is no different...but we are doing it before the year is over with a holiday twist!!!

We normally host our annual Festive Follies Showcase featuring previous singers from past seasons.  This year we invite YOU to make up the Festive Follies show with your early audition for the Karaoke World Championships USA 2024 season. 

Get a jump on the season and share your favorite holiday song at the same time! 

Submit your entry from November 20th to December 20th 2023 to have your audition considered to move on to the KWCUSA Video Finals!  All videos submitted will be juried and aired in the           Pre-Season Video Audition Festive Follies Edition on Christmas Eve. 

2024 Season Early Entry- November 20th-December 20th 2023


The top 3 singers from the Pre-Season Video Round will move on to compete in the

KWCUSA Video Round Finals!  

The top spots from the Video Finals will make up Team Video USA and move on to the KWCUSA National Finals in Las Vegas, NV this fall!


Basic Video Guidelines:

*Videos can be made on your favorite singing app

*Videos may be recorded at your favorite Karaoke Venue as long as there is not extensive crowd/background noise while recording and they jury can hear your vocals clearly, no one else is performing with you, and you are visible for the entirety of the song.

 *Videos must be recorded within the past 365 Days and they should preferably

be less than 6 months old.

*Try to record your audition video in the landscape (horizontal) orientation whenever possible

*Audition videos must include the full song in your video submission.

*Please limit any vocal effects used 

[**disclaimer: using pitch corrections will disqualify the singer from the current video round] 

*No lead vocals or original artists should be present in your audition track selection

*No other people should appear in your video audition

[**disclaimer: if recording in a live venue setting exceptions will be made for KJ's or karaoke band members and venue staff in the course of working their shift that are not in any way directly attempting to enhance the singers audition.]

*No Lip Syncing is permitted

Submit my Festive Follies KWCUSA Video Round    Pre-Season 2024 Video Audition   


Entry Fee for your Pre-Season Video Talent Trial Audition ONLY $10


Thank you for submitting your audition video for the Pre-Season KWCUSA 2024 Season. Stay tuned for the scheduled results shows each round to see who will be moving on to the Video Round Finals! Top video round singers will be competing in the KWC US National Finals LIVE in Las Vegas!

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