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KWCUSA Covid-19 Statement

The Karaoke World Championships has always taken the safety and well being of the vocal community seriously. From our organizers, directors, judges & singers to supporters, we are committed to doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe and singing well into the future.

Like many international organizations the KWCUSA has been effected by the Novel Corona Virus Covid-19 pandemic both here and around the world.  Over the past 19 years the Karaoke World Championships has been dedicated to providing the stage for amateur singers from around the world and from all walks of life to share their talents around the globe. 

This year due to the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic that stage will be a Virtual one once again with the second year of the Karaoke World Championships Online World Finals 2021 being held throughout the month of November 2021.

With the temporary forced closure of many team venue locations, we have been following the local, state, and national guidelines before allowing for any in person auditions as these states reopen for business. In an effort of creating an equal and open competition for all of the singers around the US this year, the 2021 season will be via recorded video submissions instead of at a participating team sponsor location.

We invite you to audition now for your spot in the KWCUSA National Open Audition Rounds leading to the final event being held through a unique vocal and performance training finals competition to help train and select the members of Team USA this year and hone their vocal and performance skills for the Karaoke World Championships Online World Finals 2021. 

Audition Rounds will be open in 2-week segments starting March 1st with just the top 3 singers from each round moving on to the corresponding divisional ranking finals of their placement level (gold, silver, or bronze.)  The top 3 singers from the divisional finals will move directly into the finals training program.  The 4th through 7th placement singers will be given a 2nd chance at that national finals training program by being automatically placed into a Blue Ribbon Run Off round to determine the last 3 spots for national finals.  The top 3 singers from the finals program will move on to make up Team USA 2021 and represent the United States in the Online World Finals being  broadcast globally throughout the month of November 2021. 



We look forward to safely gathering with you all again soon!

Until then we invite you to enter an audition now from the privacy of your own home,

and begin YOUR personal Journey to Stardom!

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