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Keep on Singing! KWCUSA, is a unique way for amateur singers of all experience levels to work on their craft and grow their performance skills.  As part of the Karaoke World Championships USA the winners of this 8-week competition move on directly to compete in the US National Finals. 

Contestants must first try out at a local venue qualifier, (much like the main portion of the KWCUSA contest season) however they need only get 2 out of 4 judges to give them a YES to be invited to team pick night, which will be February 8th 2018 at the Columbia City Theater for Keep on Singing! Season 2.

Only a select number of contestants can be chosen for each coaches team, so making it through to team pick night does not in any way guarantee a contestants selection to a team.  Due to the potential number of singers auditioning songs will be limited to around the first 2-3 minutes of their song (lyrics screen will be provided) for the team selection process but not in the weeks that follow.  Coaches will have this time to listen and then ring their bells if they would like to potentially select that singer at the end of the auditions.  


Over the 8 weeks of the show, contestants get vocal training by their selected coach while learning a song to perform from a selected genre, all within the one week.  No screens are provided so contestants must learn these songs by heart.  Coaches will also work on stage performance and costuming with their teams in order to put together a full package performance for every singer.  Contestants selected for a team this year also have the added benefit of the Derby Salon-Dean Lee Hair Chair, offering hair and styling assistance to any contestant who so chooses free of charge!  Our coaches, Joshua Baron, Konomi Rivers, Bill Clark, and the mother-daughter team of Josephine & Chyee Howell, are each looking forward to the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing undiscovered talent in the area.

Come support your favorite contestants new and old and become part of the KWCUSA Family!     



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