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Keep on Singing! Vocal Training Program

National Finals Round 2020

The Karaoke World Championships Organization is committed to not only finding the next world champion from somewhere within our diverse nation, but also to helping every individual vocal athlete coming through the program find a unique way to learn and grow their craft.       

This year that task has been made even more difficult due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines happening around the world.   

To this end we introduce to you Keep on Singing! an official KWCUSA national training program available to singers nationwide through the competition process.

Keep on Singing! is also the KWCUSA National Finals Round for the 2020 Season!

​Keep on Singing! is a vocal training program based on a stage show "Just Sing Already" that was run in Washington State through the Washington State Karaoke World Championships chapter, in coordination with Michael Cagle (Take the Stage Productions) and Ryan Hazy (Hazy Productions) with help from Jimi Flaherty  (Seattle Sound Productions), this weekly program mixed parts of many current television singing shows along with one-on-one training and weekly live performances. Due to the success of the top finalists in the Washington State Finals season after season, it was clear that this proven method of vocal and performance training was needed in more than just Washington State. Thus, Keep On Singing! was modified and moved to a digital platform in 2019 to allow the rest of the nation to participate.

​24 singers selected from the KWCUSA Semi-Finals round will train with their team coach for 4 weeks. They will be working directly with their selected/assigned coach on Voice, Technique, Artistry, and Stage Presence (Overall Entertainment) learning new skills and genres along the way. ​

Under the direction of National Director, Joshua Baron, each of the 4 official coaches will select 6 singers to work with this season.  These singers will work one on one weekly with their coaches within a variety of genres and challenges leading to one weekly final video to be submitted for judging from the entire *coaching panel. (*Coaches DO NOT judge their own singers)

Scores and feedback will be given to the vocal coaches for their singers to help them know better what to work on with their team members for the upcoming week. They will be working on putting together the best songs and performances to get the top scores and stay in the Finals, as there will be cuts made along the way.   After the 4 weeks are over, on September 29th 2020, the top singers of each team will be announced and invited to represent America in the Karaoke World Championships Online World Finals 2020.  The overall top singer from all the teams will become the Gold Medalist and KWCUSA National Champion 2020! 

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