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US WORLD PARTNERS:  Individual(s) responsible for ensuring the integrity of the overall program and owning the rights and licensing of the Karaoke World Championships competition season within the United States. 

NATIONAL DIRECTOR: It is the task of the National Director to provide a fair and open platform for members and non-members to compete in a fair and equitable manner throughout the nation. National director is responsible for the Marketing and Education teams developing and guiding the direction of the day-to-day programming.

NATIONAL PRODUCER: It is the task of the National Producer to develop the individual stage/broadcast show(s) and finals throughout the season. National Producer is responsible for the Administration and Finance teams developing and guiding the direction for the overall season.

MARKETING DIRECTOR: Responsible for the oversight of the organization's marketing & sales programs, developing strategic sales and marketing objectives. Sales and Marketing Director establishes sales territories and expected quotas, targeted audience materials, and evaluates sales and marketing performance for the program season.

SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR: The social media director promotes the KWCUSA brand, products and services via social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit, among others. Social Media Director will work directly with the Sales & Marketing Director.

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: The director of communications is responsible for managing and directing the internal and external communications. Director of communications will supervise public relations staff, create communication strategies, and may serve as the key spokesperson and media contact for the organization.  Communications Director will work directly with the Sales & Marketing Director.

EDUCATION DIRECTOR:  The Director of Education, or instructional coordinator, will be responsible for directing and shaping the curricula and teaching processes used within the KWCUSA for the season. The Director of Education will work directly with the National Director to develop a program(s) that will fit the criteria for the organization for the competition year.


ADMINISTRATION DIRECTOR: The Director of Administration oversees the organizational aspects of the KWCUSA organization having authority over the organization's administration managers, who are responsible for the administrative functions within individual departments.

REGISTRAR OF ADMISSIONS/ENROLLMENT: Responsible for overseeing the incoming online registrations and monitoring member and submission numbers during the season.  They will be responsible for entering all registered singer names and song information into the appropriate software for enrollment and judging throughout the season.  Other duties may include managing email lists and digital phone trees.  The Registrar of Admissions/Enrollment reports directly to the Director of Administration.

MENTORSHIP COORDINATOR: The Mentorship Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, vetting, and obtaining qualified Karaoke World Championships Alumni within the US and around the world, to volunteer their time and experience in offering a specialized support network for the KWCUSA members to work with on their song entries for the season.

VOLUNTEER/JUDGE COORDINATOR: The Volunteer/Judge Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, vetting, and obtaining qualified volunteers and judges to work within the developed KWCUSA programs and managing their placement into an appropriate volunteer/judge position within any open positions needing to be filled.

PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: The Production Director is responsible for working between the National Director and the National Producer to help plan and execute the determined vision of the KWCUSA Organization.  The Production Director will provide instruction and guidance to the Production team to ensure production timeline and quotas for events are met. 

PRODUCTION TEAM LEADER: The production team leader is responsible for being a leadership resource to team members, providing knowledge, experience, motivation, support, and advice

TECHNICAL COORDINATOR: The Technical Coordinator is responsible for sourcing, testing, troubleshooting, and implementing the technical aspects of the move to an all digital platform.  Duties of the Technical Coordinator may include assisting with answering contestant questions on technical issues, as well as working with the Production Team in order to ensure newest or most efficient technical methods available are being implemented. 

PRODUCTION TEAM MEMBER: Production teams consist of members of technical staff to produce the stage/broadcast shows. This will include audio, video, & all other technical aspects of production. 

SUBSCRIBERS:  Any individual person that purchases a subscription to view videos on the Karaoke World Championships USA platform.

MEMBERS (Competitors/Singers):  Amateur* Vocal Athletes working to improve upon their singing and performance techniques through the process of being judged competitively against other singers. Individual amateur singers compete in KWCUSA rounds to work toward moving on to higher levels of the KWCUSA competition. Members gain access to discounted rates,  private live events, valuable coaching feedback, new experience, and potential prizes along the way.  Members will also have access to specialized training and educational programs and discounts on KWCUSA events and merchandise.      *see definition of amateur singers as defined in the official KWCUSA Competition Rules at


NON-MEMBERS: Non-members are Individual amateur singers competing in local trial rounds moving on to higher levels of the KWCUSA competition with the chance to become a local, state, national and potentially world champion.  Non-member competitors come from a diverse demographic range and background and are given the opportunity to compete against other amateur singers without any of the benefits provided under membership.

FINANCE DIRECTOR: The person in charge of the financial affairs of the KWCUSA providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure that the organizations financial commitments are met.  The Director of Finance will work directly with the National Producer to develop and maintain the budget for the broadcast productions and the overall program season.

ACCOUNTANT: The accountant will be responsible for keeping, inspecting, and analyzing the financial accounts for the KWCUSA competition season. The Accountant will work directly under the Director of Finance.

FUNDRAISING/SPONSORSHIP DIRECTOR: The Fundraising Director develops fundraising strategies, formulates solicitation procedures, and oversees all fundraising activities.  The Fundraising Director acts as liaison between funding partners and the organization.  The Fundraising Director is the individual responsible for seeking out, applying for, promoting, and managing corporate sponsorships and partnerships, major means of funding and financial support for the organization and leads grant-writing efforts.  Additionally, the Fundraising Sponsorship Director sets funding goals. The Fundraising Director will work within the Finance Team.

OFFICIALS/JUDGES: Individuals selected by the Volunteer/Judge Coordinator that have the responsibility to fairly listen to and score singers free from any personal bias based on the set National judging criteria. (Officials/Judges may not compete in the season in which they are officiating.)

COACH COORDINATOR: The Coach Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, vetting, and obtaining qualified coaches to work within the developed KWCUSA programs.  The Coach Coordinator will work under the Director of Education to ensure a diverse and robust panel of coaches are included.

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