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Scoring Guidelines US National Finals 

*Solo and Duet Rounds are Scored using the same guidelines

  • Day one scores are averaged

  • Day two scores are averaged​

*Averaged scores from day one and two (solos) are then added together to decide the semi finalist singers

* Averaged score from song one (duets) will decide the semi finalist duet teams

  •  Semi Final Round scores are adjusted with the top and bottom taken out to remove any possible judging biases to specific genres, and then the average score of days one and two are added to determine the top 10 singers (5 male & 5 female) and top 5 duet teams moving on to the Final Round.

  • Final Round is scored on it's own as a stand alone round with the scores adjusted to decide the ranking of those top singers and who will be moving on to the KWC World Finals as the National Champion Male, Female & Duet Team.   

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