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KWCUSA National Finalists 2020

2019 Invitational Returning Top 5 Champions

Katanya Ingram.jpg
Coreen Beckman.jpg

3rd- Coreen Beckman-WA

4th- Beth Brennan-MN

5th- KaTanya Ingram-OH

Video Audition Round 1 Finalists

1st- Diann Spencer-WA

2nd-Mindy Lancaster-CA

3rd-James Buehler-WA

Video Audition Round 2 Finalists

1st- Chris Hoffman-WA

2nd-Jesse Lewis-WA

3rd-Jessica Tomi Kaiser-CO

Video Audition Round 3&4 Finalists

1st- Kristen Hernandez-FL

2nd-Brian Donald Long-FL

3rd-Joshua Bennett-NV

Video Audition Round 5 Finalists

1st- Holly Smelson-KY

2nd-Trinity Starr-NV

3rd-Alyssa Meadows-TX

Video Audition Round 6 Finalists

1st-Monique McNeely-TX

Video Audition Round 7 Finalists

1st- Renee Turcotte-CA

2nd-Temeca DeVant-CA

3rd-Garvaundo Hamilton-WA

4th- Randall Gray- CA

5th- Rebecca Washburn-AZ

6th- Steven Williamson- CA

7th- Raymond Williams-AL

8th- Camille Gomez-WA

Live Audition Flash Rounds Friday July 31st

1st- Grant Cullum-AR

2nd-Ishma Clark-AR

3rd-Valerisse Bell-AR

4th-Deshon Washington-AR

5th-Nathan Munsell-AK

Live Audition Flash Rounds Sunday August 2nd

1st- Mairea Place-WA

2nd-Monique Ford-CO

3rd-Will Celestial-TX

4th-Samantha Payne

5th-Duncan Wallace-OK

6th- Cathy Patterson-VA

7th-Jamel Clipper-VA

8th*-Roberto Candelaria-NC

8th*- Lesa J-WA

Live Audition Flash Rounds Tuesday August 4th

3rd- Rosetti Wright-NH

1st- Marc  Deall-CA

2nd- Christopher Craig-CA

4th-Quinlan Aikins-NV

5th-Imari Whidbey-NV

Video Audition Round 8 Finalists

1st- Miranda Longacre-WA

3rd- Julie Dee Brittain-TN

2nd- Kennedy Miller-WA

4th-Margo Smith-NC

5th-Luis Ed Orozco-WA

* We claim no rights to the videos provided by singers for their audition pieces*

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