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Membership FAQ:

What is my KWCUSA membership number? How can I find it?

Your membership number can be found on your official membership card and above your name on all mailings from KWCUSA including your membership card & renewal notices. If we have a valid and legible e-mail address your membership number was sent to you when you joined/renewed.

How do I join or renew my membership with KWCUSA?

New and renewing members can simply register securely online via the website at

What is my membership renewal date?

A membership is good for 12 months for members that renew by the due date.  The membership fee is a set amount for the entire year (not pro-rated) and the membership is nonrefundable.  You should begin to receive e-mails two months before your membership expires.

What benefits do I receive with my membership?

KWCUSA members receive the most updated KWCUSA news to keep up to date on the KWCUSA through the season.  Members may receive early admission into competition rounds and special events.  Members receive discounted merchandise, discounted admission to KWCUSA Events, eligibility to compete in special members only KWCUSA events, knowledge of supporting the growth and development of personal branding, access to programs and services and ability to utilize national partnerships.  Members also have access to an exclusive mentorship forum featuring KWCUSA Alumni and Mentors and industry professionals from when you set up your new member profile.

How do I access my notes and scores?

Members can get the notes and scores directly from the judging panel for any trial round for both live and video auditions.  To access these notes and scores members just need to select the 'Send Me My Notes' button on the main page of the website, or send an official request by email to with the date and location of the trial round requested. The notes and scores will then be sent within 48 hours of the request if possible.  

How can I update my information including a change of address or personal information?

Members may update their personal information by sending an e-mail with any changes in personal information to Be sure to include the member's name, member number. and the corrected or new information.

Can I hold more than one membership or share my membership?

Members may only hold one membership per season. Each individual must hold a unique and individual membership number registered to their name in order to access paid membership benefits.  Memberships may not be shared within a household or duet team.  


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KWCUSA Mentorship Program

Across the United States we are lucky enough to have had some amazingly talented people who lend their support to the KWCUSA over the years. 
From contestants, to judges, to industry professionals, these individuals are dedicated to helping KWCUSA Official Members work on their individual performances for auditions.  We have gathered these valuable resources into a mentorship directory as a benefit to paid KWCUSA Official Members.

 We are excited to allow our members to benefit from these vocal athletes and their experiences both on and off the  Karaoke World Championships stage. Mentors are available for assistance on reviewing your notes and scores, song selection, costuming options, facial expressions, and other vocal and performance areas. 

Need General Advice? Ask a Mentor!

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