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KWC Official Judging Criteria

Judges shall award each performer between 1 and 10 points for each of the following 4 categories, based upon the following specific criteria: 

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Quality of Voice- Natural richness of tone, depth, resonance; a strong yet dulcet vocal sound that is enjoyable to listen to

Mastery of Voice-   Development of the voice through the practice and training to attain a higher level of proficiency and virtuosity

Range- Ability to hit low notes and high notes, and to glide smoothly through different ranges without strain 

Dynamics- Use of quieter and louder volumes as appropriate; variance of volume throughout performance

Timbre- Ability to sing richer, deeper timbres as well as softer, sweeter tones; variance of colors throughout performance


Pitch- Ability to  sing in tune and exhibit control of intonation

Timing- Ability to sing with rhythmic accuracy, taking liberties in a  tasteful manner

Breathing- Supporting the voice with breath control, ability to sustain notes, taking breaths in correct places (generally between phrases)

SkillUse of proper vocal technique (singing with an open palate, not shouting, not resonating the nose, ect.) use and control of vibrato

Diction-                  Correct pronunciation of words and clarity


Expressiveness-  Exuding emotion and passion, as appropriate for song, conveyed through the voice, body, and facial expression

Musicality- Genuinely feeling the music, shaping phrases artistically, incorporating aesthetic nuances, taking liberties in a tasteful manner

Lyrical Ability-   Appropriate interpretation and delivery of song lyrics, placing emphasis on certain words

Individuality- Deviating from original artist recording(s) to make the song one's own; creation of unique style and charachter

Song Choice-  Appropriateness of the song for the singer


Charisma- Allowing personality to shine through performance and emanate from the stage; radiating a special X factor that is appealing, magnetic, and makes for star quality

Confidence- Exuding command of the stage, strength of delivery with a self-assured performance

Movement- Use of space, walking, dancing, or other movement appropriate for the song; use of arms; posture, poise, energy

Costume & Appearance-  Brightly colored, light reflective, or otherwise attractive costume that is appropriate for song; polished presentation on stage and on camera 

Audience Appeal-   Ability to connect with the audience, use of eye contact, crowd response

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