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Become an Official KWCUSA 
Talent Trial Location

Looking for a fun unique way to promote your venue and gain exposure for karaoke nights?

Venue Talent Trial Location Leaders are usually Karaoke Hosts, Entertainment Bookers, or Bar Owners that want to build up their business through hosting a Karaoke World Championships USA Talent Trial.  This unique competition-based marketing program provides events that are held over a series of weeks with one final event to name the best singers for that venue to represent them at the state finals level. 

Venues gain local and national exposure by hosting 3-5 Talent Trials and a Venue Finals event at their location.  Participating venues will be listed as official KWCUSA Talent Trial Locations.  The Venue Talent Trial competition package includes everything needed to run a full talent trial event including but not limited to listing on website maps and directory, social media mentions, access to live judging platform* (*judges to be provided by Venue Trial Location Leaders) Posters, and event support as needed from KWCUSA state and national officials throughout the competition process.

Promotional Competition Package rate- $300

Sign Up to be a KWCUSA Talent Trial Location


Entry Fee for each local Talent Trial location promotional permit is $300

Physical locations require separate permit registrations.

A karaoke hosts may use their permit registration in only one venue they are hosting at.   

Thank you for registering as your KWCUSA Local Talent Trials location helping your local singers take their 1st step toward theirTime to SHINE with the KWCUSA!

Don't want to run multiple weeks of competition? 

Sign Up to host a One Night Only Trial Round in your venue
and make sure your singers have their chance to be heard!

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