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Compete in the KWCUSA from the comfort of HOME!

The Karaoke World Championships USA is dedicated to being an accessible platform as possible for singers all over the country, near and far, to have a chance at singing on a world stage.  In this spirit we work with many amazing local karaoke hosts and venues around the US to host local qualifiers but know we still have more areas that don't host local rounds (yet...).  For those of you in these parts of the US, or those of you that don't want to wait for your local rounds to begin, we invite you to submit your audition pieces by video submission to qualify as a self sponsorship contestants to compete in the Karaoke World Championship USA 2019 US National Finals.  

By submitting 2 Video link submissions, recorded within the last 30 days (via Wurrly, Smule Yokee App, Youtube, ect.

{No filmed stage performances should be submitted}) 

along with the required $40 entry fee (non-member rate), your selected songs sent in will be judged on the same international criteria as trying out at a regular venue qualifying round.  (Stage Presence will be judged as 'Overall Entertainment Value' for video submissions)  Please limit the use of effects in your submissions.  For example approved Smule effect settings are super studio 20/30 or SuperPop with up to 21 reverb with 0 pitch control. If we find your selections have too many effects added you may be asked to submit alternate examples. 

  Top 5 contestants overall as selected by a diverse panel of judges will be invited directly to compete in the KWCUSA National Finals event happening in Las Vegas, NV fall of 2019.

Early Bird Round 1: Open January 1st to  February 28th

with winners announced March 1st 2019*.

Round 2: KWCUSA Video Trials Open March 1st to April 30th 

with winners announced May 5th 2019.*

Round 3: KWCUSA Video Trials Open May 1st to June 30th 

with winners announced July 5th 2019.*

Round  4: KWCUSA Video Trials Open                           July 1st to July 31st

with winners announced August 5th 2019*.

*Top 5 singers selected by the judges place into the national finals each trial round

**Videos must be received prior to 24 hours of any posted deadline

to be considered within that round of video competitions.

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