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2018 Returning Finalists

While the 1st place winner of the KWCUSA National Finals goes on to the world finals each year, the  placing winners also earn an invitation back to compete in the KWCUSA National Finals for the next competition season as well.  Last year was the last time there were winners selected by genders in the KWC and so we have invited the 2nd through 5th place male and female winners to come back and compete in the 2019 season.  

Michael White.jpg
Christopher Craig.jpg
Parnell Lester.jpg

Michael White 2nd-Male

Robert Owens 3rd-Male

Christopher Craig      4th-Male

Parnell Lester  5th-Male

Beth Brennan.jpg
Chassidy Robinson.jpg
Coreen Beckman.jpg
Zandra LaTraille.jpg

Beth Brennan 2nd-Female

Chassidy Robinson 3rd-Female

Coreen Beckman 4th-Female

Zandra LaTraille 5th-Female

Okie-Karaoke Finalist

KWC-USA Stamp Logo Shrunk.jpg

Thomas Bass

 1st Place

Video Round 1 Finalists

Amber Feind MN Vid1.jpg

Amber Feind-MN 1st Place

Chris Hoffman WA Vid 1.jpg

Christopher Hoffman

4th Place

Holly Smelson KY Vid 1.jpg

Holly Smelson-KY

2nd Place

Becca Washburn.jpg

Rebecca Washburn

5th Place

Joshua Huber

3rd Place

Josh Huber- OH Vid 1.jpg
Isabella Harr KY Vid1.jpg

Isabella Harr

6th Place~Wild Card

Team Colorado Finalists

Jessica Tomi Kaiser-CO.jpg

Jessica 'Tomi' Kaiser-CO 1st Place

Jonathan Ruffin-CO.jpg

Jonathan Ruffin-CO  2nd Place

Shaundra Fry-CO.jpg

Shaunda Fry-CO  3rd Place

Brett Weise-CO.jpg

Brett Weise-CO  4th Place

Video Round 2 Finalists

Kellye Cooley-CO Vid 2.jpg

Kellye Cooley-CO       1st Place

David Sacks-IL.jpg

David Sack-IL

4th Place

Krystal Kodada-CO VId 2.jpg

Krystal Kodada-CO       2nd Place

KWC-USA Stamp Logo Shrunk.jpg

Christine Haas-FL

5th Place*(tie)

Joey Zierath-Lowe-IA Vid 2.jpg

Joey Zierath-Lowe-IA

3rd Place

Jared Shaffer-OH Vid 2.jpg

Jered Shaffer-OH

5th Place*(tie)

Sing Your Heart Out Affilate Program


Shellie Clayton-WA

1st Place


Jesse Lewis-WA

2nd Place

Team Washington Finalists

Geoffrey Walker-WA.jpg

Geoffrey Walker-WA      1st Place


Edward Richard-WA

4th Place

Garvaundo Hamilton-WA.jpg

Garvaundo Hamilton-WA     2nd Place

Victoria Knight-WA.jpg

Victoria Knight-WA

5th Place

Rafel Leon Jr.-WA.jpg

Rafel Leon Jr.-WA

3rd Place

Brandon  Erenheim-WA.jpg

Brandon Erinheim-WA

6th Place

Team Nevada Finalists

KWC-USA Stamp Logo Shrunk.jpg

Donnie Lee-NV       1st Place

Trinity Marques-NV.jpg

Trinity Marques

4th Place

Chrystal Joy-NV.jpg

Chrystal Joy-NV       2nd Place

Linnea Hayden-NV.jpg

Linnea Hayden-NV

5th Place

Johnny Bird-NV.jpg

Johnny Bird-NV

3rd Place

Jeremy Fillinger-NV.jpg

Jeremy Filinger-NV

6th Place

Team Arkansas Finalists

Duncan W-AR.JPG

Duncan Wallace-AR     1st Place

Moises R-AR.JPG

Moises Blond-AR

4th Place

Deshon W - Rashard- AR.JPG

Deshon Rashad Washington-AR      2nd Place


Fawn Fairchild-AR

5th Place

Ashleigh W-AR.JPG

Ashleigh Wiggins-AR

3rd Place


Jake Akin-AR

6th Place

Team Texas Finalists

Will Celestial-TX.jpg

Will Celestial- TX     1st Place

Patricia Cato-Young-TX.jpg

Patricia Cato-Young- TX     2nd Place

Trey Bourland-TX.jpg

Trey Bourland- TX     3rd Place

Mel Arizpe-TX.jpg

Mel Arizpe- TX     4th Place

Brittney Stene-TX.jpg

Brittney Stene- TX     5th Place

Monique McNeely-TX.jpg

Monique McNeely- TX     6th Place

Video Round 3 Finalists

Renee Turcotte-Vid.jpg
Holly Wood-Vid.jpg
Kaeli Opfer-VId.jpg

Renee Turcotte-CA    1st Place

Holly Wood- PA     2nd Place

Kaeli Opfer-WA   3rd Place

James Beuhler-Vid.jpg

James Buehler-WA   4th Place

Diann Spicer-Vid.jpg

Diann Spicer-WA   4th Place

Keep on Singing! Online Training Program Finalists

George Aducayen-KOS.jpg
James Beuhler-Vid.jpg
Chris Hoffman Vid.jpg

George Edward Aducayen- CA

Team Michael Cagle 

1st Place

James Beuhler-WA

Team Mikko Blaze

1st Place

Christopher Hoffman-WA

Team Shelby Easley

1st Place

Kaleena Narwani-KOS.jpg
Megan Ryholm-VId.jpg

Kaleena Narwani-IL

Team Naomi Watson

1st Place

Meagan Rydholm-WA

Team Bill Clark

1st Place

Hawaiian Idol Finalist

Jharne Seabon- HI.jpg

Jharne Seabon-HI  1st Place

Team Ohio Finalists

Shanice Tomi Jones.jpg

Shanica Tomi Jones-OH  1st Place

KWC-USA Stamp Logo Shrunk.jpg

Misha Cannaday-Briggs-OH  4th Place

KaTanya Ingram-OH.jpg

KaTanya Ingram-OH  2nd Place

Aaron Young-OH.jpg

Aaron Young- OH 5th Place

Adam Laus-OH.jpg

Adam Laus- OH 3rd Place

*Runner up

KWC-USA Stamp Logo Shrunk.jpg

Josh Evans-OH  6th Place

Team Minnesota Finalists

AJ Schara-MN.jpg

AJ Schara-MN

  1st Place

Robbin Sara Olsen Molnar-MN.jpg

Robbin Molnar-MN  4th Place

Josh Quinn-MN.jpg

Josh Quinn-MN  2nd Place

Steve Anderson 5th Place

Steve Anderson-MN.jpg
Jake DeSilveria Max Farhenheit-MN.jpg

Jake DeSilveria 'Max Farenheit'-MN 3rd Place

KWC-USA Stamp Logo Shrunk.jpg

Kayla Kaple

6th Place

Team California Finalists

California singers.jpeg

Christopher Hillin-CA 1st Place

California singers.jpeg

Emanuel Robinson-CA  4th Place

California singers.jpeg

Temeca DeVant-CA  2nd Place

California singers.jpeg

Ronnell Hein-CA  5th Place

California singers.jpeg

DeOnzell Green- CA 3rd Place

California singers.jpeg

Thomas Hein-CA  6th Place

Team New Mexico Finalists

Joshua Vallano-NM.jpg

Joshua Vallano-NM

1st Place

Tamara Jurado-NM.jpg

Tamara Jurado-NM  4th Place

KWC-USA Stamp Logo Shrunk.jpg

Chris Pohl-NM

2nd Place

*Runner Up

William Bailey-NM.jpg

William Bailey-NM 5th Place

Marge Neus-NM.jpg

Marge Neus-NM  3rd Place

Marshal Lambert-NM.jpg

Marshal Lambert-NM 6th Place

Team Florida  Finalists

Angela Louis-FL.jpg

Angela Louis-FL

 1st Place

Kelsea Hoke-FL.jpg

Kelsea Hoake-FL 2nd Place

Lacey Blissard-FL.jpg

Lacey Blissard-FL  3rd Place

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