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 As the 2018 competition season gets underway we are inviting venues with currently running karaoke shows just like yours across the country, along with their esteemed karaoke hosts, to become part of the Karaoke World Championships 2018 competiton year and help us find the next world champion form your own local spot! 

The KWCUSA is the US portion of the KWC organization, a unique global singing competition.

In its 16th year the KWC has maintained a tradition of finding talent from around the globe to compete on a world stage. 

We know the next world champion is out there right now singing somewhere in the United States.  We invite you to reward your loyal regular singers and share your customer’s talented voices with the rest of the world in one of the most exciting events you will ever take part in on the karaoke scene.  Partner sponsor venue enrollment is happening now and qualifying rounds can run on your desired schedule from April through Mid July! 

Official Sponsor Venue Registration

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